What is VPS Hosting?

Want to take your business online? First, you’ll need to find somewhere to house your website. To do this, you’ll need to find a web hosting plan and there are several options available with each designed to serve a different level of demand. 

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting plan, keep reading to learn more from our complete VPS hosting guide. This article will provide a VPS hosting comparison so you can find the best hosting solution for you and your needs. 

VPS hosting is essentially a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. The acronym “VPS” stands for “Virtual Private Server,” which is intended to convey that nearly all of the advanced features that are enjoyed via a dedicated server can be had at a much lower price point, comparable to that of a shared server. Users who opt for a VPS package are graced with the computing power necessary to run a complex side or grow an online business. 

General research shows that the enlistment of a dedicated private server will likely cost upwards of $100 per month. For many small to medium-sized businesses, this is simply too expensive, so they must find a more cost-effective alternative that retains all the features necessary to run their website.


In the context of hosting, reliability boils down to the degree of confidence with which you can expect your website to run smoothly without downtime. In the case of a shared hosting plan, in which bandwidth usage is shared openly amongst every website housed on the server, there is risk of your website experiencing downtime due to what is known as the “bad neighbor effect”. 

This occurs when one of the “neighbors” on the server experiences unusually high traffic to their site, which places a high demand for resources on the server. When this kind of hoarding occurs, those resources become unavailable to other websites, causing them to slow or become unreachable altogether. Obviously, if your website is unreachable, that is bad for business.

VPS hosting insulates websites from their neighbors by virtually partitioning them from one another and allocating resources for their sole use. In comparison, this makes VPS hosted websites very reliable, since no competition for bandwidth usage results in minimized downtime.