One of the creators of MyEtherWallet launched a new wallet MyCrypto

From one of the most popular cryptocurrency purses of MyEtherWallet separated fork – MyCrypto. It was launched by MEW Taylor Monahan co-founder.

It is unknown what caused the split within the MEW team. However, it can be assumed that it can be different views on the future of the project.

According to Taylor Monahan, MEW’s capabilities were sufficient at an early stage of growth, but now they are not enough. MyCrypto in turn is designed to scale up.

Monahan assumes that MEW owners have nothing to worry about: MEW’s co-founder, known as Kvhnuke, still controls the MEW github repository, the MEW domain, the AWS instances, and MyEtherWallet social media accounts.

The MyCrypto project will evolve in parallel and independently of MEW. In the near future, a public beta test of the wallet will start.

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