Banca ICO

BANCA ( is a new type of an investment bank community built on blockchain technology. It’s based on AI and expert system to achieve the dynamics of Banca’s eco-chain and the automatic management. Big data analysis is utilized to deliver accurate services to various participants with specific needs. Banca tracks the performance of all primary market and secondary market projects running on the platform, maintain the data on Blockchain and generate automatic reports, which are also incorruptible. BANCA ( is registered a non-profit Banca Foundation in Singapore.

ICO information:
Token name: BANCA
Total issuance: 20 billion BANCA
Selling 7 billion(35%) BANCA for (about 20 million USD)
1 BANCA=0.003 USD
Timeline: Feb 2018.
In March 2018, BANCA token will be listed on the exchanges.

More details about the project’s plus/minus & our verdict check out on this link (—The-Wall-Street-on-Blockchain-02-06)

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