Block Bank ICO

Block Bank ( is one of the first worldwide crypto banks who will provide services to meet the global need for decentralized commercial funding.

Blockchain provides transparency for Block Bank clients and investors. This way clients can be assured of Block Banks ( activities and the security of their invests. Block Bank ( Lending products are available to businesses only which means that it works mainly in B2B area.

Token name: BBRT
Total supply: 40,000,000 tokens
Dates: January 5th 2018 to February 28th 2018
Price per token: 0.25 $
Circulation supply (ICO sale): 28 800 000 tokens

Strong sides:
Great legal team leaded by Dmitry Machikhin
Attractive price per token during ICO;
Limited supply – only be 28.8 million tokens in circulation;
Block Bank ( has legal mechanism to enforce credit obligations;
Project has ESCROW trustees;
Will be fully licensed in February 2018
Offers referral model which can generate profits
Planned to be listed on Binance and Ether Delta

Weak sides:
The BBRT ERC-20 token is only part of the first CCO. In the future, BlockBank ( plans to launch its own blockchain. Till then, its platform depends on Ethereum network;
Blockchain banking is highly competitive area. For the past several month I reviewed about 7 blockchain banks;
Banking is heavily regulated financial area of the economics. It has various restrictions and due to unstable cryptocurrency legal status it increases legal risks;
The team is quite young and it needs more people with 15 to 30 years of banking experience;
The project is not hyped and not well-known yet.

In my opinion this project has one of the best business models among blockchain-based banks I came across recently. In the event that a client did not fulfil their obligations in the credit contract Block Bank ( will issue legal proceedings and obtain warrant of possession over assets collateralized in the credit agreement. This project has great token economics and low token price. I have concerns related to legal risks since I am still sceptical over cryptocurrency banks and their ability to be fully integrated into current financial and banking system. I also think that team might lack couple “veterans” in banking industry, however strong advisory, developers and legal team cover this flaw. I would recommend to take a look at this project since it overs good ICO price and therefore strong appreciation model.
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