Monero VS Ethereum

Monero and Ethereum do not resemble each other and serve different purposes. However, both are among the ten largest cryptocurrencies and are the object of attention from investors. Which сryptocurrency is better?

Ethereum – the second by the capitalization cryptocurrency, connected with the main platform for today’s smart-contracts. Despite the fact that “Ethereum killers” appear regularly, no other site has been able to circumvent the Ethereum smart-contracts. On the other hand, Ethereum is an attractive target for hacker attacks, several of which were successful. Recently, the course of the cryptocurrency is tending to go down. And by the volume of trading in the last 24 hours it was bypassed by Ripple.

Monero is one of the anonymous cryptocurrency. The optional encryption protocol makes it almost impossible to track transaction participants. In addition, in mid-March, MoneroV’s hardfork is expected, in which for each Monero coin users will receive 10 coins of a new, even more secure cryptocurrency. The growth of Monero in recent weeks is largely due to the upcoming hardfork, which investors want to earn. It is possible that after this the Monero rate will dramatically go down.

On one side of the scale are smart-contracts and the need to strengthen security. On the other – fast hardfork and anonymity of transactions. Where to move on-is up to you.

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