Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Guide

With the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, and the subsequent activation of CS as an eSports game, the game, in the eyes of the public, has become something more than ever before and it attracted a huge amount of fresh meat. If you are one of those players tempted by the growing popularity of the game, then this article and the website will help you not to become target number 1.

Training and once again training

CS is not the easiest game. You will not become a top player in one match. The only way to become better is to play, to play again and again. After reading the whole guide, you will find tips on how to stop being a piece of meat for other players, how to optimize the time spent in the game, but there is no way in the world to become the best in Counter-Strike without killing a lot of your time. On any server you can see those who have spent 1000+ hours in the game. 

Keep your settings in order

You should start with the correct and competent setting of your personal computer and game. In CS there is no button “correct game settings”, everything will have to be picked up and adjusted manually, so that your wishes correspond to the possibilities of your own computer. Do not forget to make sure that you get at least 64 frames per second, because this is the “TickRate” on the official servers CS: GO (ie this is how often you exchange data with the server, how close the game is to reality).

Deathmatch game

This is a game mode where there are no goals or rounds and you don’t have to worry about money. This is a pure water shooter from CS, direct destruction of the enemy. There is no downtime after death, as opposed to a real match and it is the fastest way to learn how to control the weapon, learn the recoil time and understand what style of shooting and when to use. The disadvantage of this mode is the lack of brain load, you will not learn the tactics of the team game or how to trick your opponent. Deathmatch is just a good way to learn the behavior of all kinds of firearms in the game.

Knowledge of the aim-map game

This method of training smells like old school and today few people use it, but it is very useful to practice the accuracy of the sniper rifle sight. Aim maps are maps designed specifically to have a clear target, for example, on most maps the height of the walls just on the shoulder of the enemy, how to miss the opportunity to make a successful headshot. You need to learn this and practice it as often as possible, because the competent use of the shooting points can give a huge advantage over the enemy.

Master classes

There are talented CS: GO players who constantly put out broadcasts of the matches to show their skills. You can learn a lot from the pros just by watching how they play. Team work, tactics implementation, secrets on the cards – all the secrets on a platter especially for you. Someone may disagree and say, you just need to play more, but it can really help. A healthy mix of streaming and practice will create wonders with your skills in the game. Several times a year there are major tournaments on CS: GO, which are especially useful for beginners to watch, because the matches are commented by people familiar with all the details of the game.

Always try to think what you can do better and how to do it to become a worthy CS player. Start playing with the lowest level matches to learn how to withstand everything. A little practice and you will start to climb the steepest rating, but there is still a lot to learn not to stay at the bottom. These are a few tips to help you continue to improve. You can also explore to discover more interesting tools.