How to get live followers on Instagram

Every user of the popular social network can use and acquire the required number of subscribers. However, there are other great options that may be of use to you. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Sponsorship in Giveaway

Giveaways have firmly established themselves in Instagram, we’ll briefly explain the mechanics of such events.

  1. Those wishing to host a giveaway create accounts specifically for it.
  2. Sponsors are then recruited and added to the appropriate section of the page.
  3. Then the beginning of the action is announced on popular sites, usually the profiles of celebrities and Influencers. Not infrequently, when interested in Giveaway sponsors themselves get in touch with the blogger, depending on their number is determined by the prize.
  4. Users wishing to participate fulfill the specified requirements, most often these are subscriptions to sponsors, likes and comments under posts.
  5. After a certain period of time a special program determines the lucky winner, who takes all the prize.

The beauty of this method is that in a short time you can get live subscribers to Instagram and get an influx of activity. There are a lot of Giveaway lovers, some regularly participate in Giveaway, because for a little effort (a subscription and a like), you can get a very attractive prize. But despite this, there are significant downsides to sponsorship:

  • After the campaign ends, users may unsubscribe from you if you fail to snag them with content.
  • You get users who are interested in the prize as subscribers, so getting a targeted audience is extremely difficult.
  • Algorithms estimate the mass unsubscribes after Giveaway as a loss of interest in your page, so they lower it in the search engine rankings.

You can take part in Giveaway, if you are confident in the relevance of the content and rely on the interest of all users who came. Otherwise the opposite effect is possible.

Paid advertising from bloggers

Today, any site that is popular is a good advertising spot. Therefore, many people choose to advertise with bloggers. This type of getting active subscribers Instagram to the liking of many users, you can pick up influencers in any field, whose audience will match the characteristics of your target audience. This way you can get not only new subscribers, but also new customers. Recognized media personalities have influence on a wide range of people and can easily promote your product. But the cost of such an advertising campaign is very high and not everyone can afford it. And using modern services for selecting bloggers, you can find a person whose account meets all your requirements.

Official Instagram Targeted Advertising

Instagram has tools that allow you to run an advertising campaign yourself. You’ve probably seen similar posts posted in Stories or in the user feed. In order to run it, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. There are two ways to create an ad campaign: directly through Instagram itself or through Facebook. More impressive tools have an advertising cabinet Ads Manager, but also using the personal profile, you can run a good advertisement, for this you will need to switch to a professional account. It is not difficult to do, just go to the settings and choose the appropriate items. After these actions, a “Promote” button will appear under each of your posts, pressing which you can create an ad.

Using paid ways to gain followers on Instagram, you can count on fast and effective promotion. But independent activities to develop your profile can also bring the desired result, although many users are still looking for: how do i buy instagram followers.